Elisabeth Moss

About the Artist and the Work


 Painting  has evolved for me, over time into  a kind of holy exchange ; an interior felt conversation or painted prayer .chrysalis

Working primarily in acrylic paint and collage materials, each piece travels a journey, often beginning with a felt vision or intuitive prompt.

In the process of creating, while the original theme usually remains, many aspects change, and the painting emerges of it’s own accord. The experience  can feel as if  the painting is painting itself. Many times an unintended sculptural effect forms, as a result of collage that has been painted over.

Showing up, surrendering"me"   and  listening to love  are the essential ingredients for authentic expression in art and in life.

The imagery  in my work  often reflect  this  attunement to the Divine in all things.

Painting has become  less about  making art in a conventional sense and more a dooway to service.

 In addition to the bounty in nature I am  inspired  by a multitude of artists, indigenous, tribal  and  childrens art. 

 Painting intuitively- guided from within- is the core practice in the Expressive Art groups and workshops I offer in Avon  CT.

 See the Expressive Art Groups @ www.elisabethmoss.com, for  the current teaching schedule. 


 Comments on Elisabeth  Moss' paintings  "Powerful & shamanic” -Vicki Noble ,author Shakti Woman & Motherpeace Tarot

"…Feasts of warm color, energy & emotion” -Ct Magazine ’86.



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