About the Artist and the Work

My painting has evolved over the last 40 years into an interior felt conversation or painted prayer.

Working primarily in acrylic paint and/or  collage , my paintings travel a journey, where many aspects change, and something surprising  often emerges on its own.

Allowing the intuitive voice of beauty-  the painting seems to paint itself.

Sometimes an unintended sculptural effect forms, as a result of collage that has been painted over- creating "footprints" from the unfolding.

Where the  imagery, shapes and colors come from is a mystery. They come through by feeling and shaping  them into being .

I am inspired by a multitude of artists. Especially  indigenous, tribal and childrens art.

I facilitate intuitive art making  with groups and individuals ~Beauty Way Expressive Art Classes- in my Avon studio and around Connecticut.

See the Beauty Way Expressive Art Classes page for current schedule of classes.

“When you allow the intuition to do the work, the infinite beingness of who we are informs us”  

- Giora  Carmi




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